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Por Sara Guijarro | 06/06/2018

You snooze, you lose

People’s preferences can change as far as the brands they choose. It’s more and more […]

Por Sara Guijarro | 06/06/2018

The rise of participatory consumption

When building a brand, it’s very important to pay attention to the market to know […]

Por Miguel García-Ruiz | 06/06/2018

Five key trends for 2018

With 2018 now under way we’ve received the report from Trendwatching showing the trends for […]

Por Adrián Sanz | 06/06/2018

New fields of branding: tell me how you smell, how you speak and how you relate to other people and I’ll tell you who you are.

Think about someone who you know very well. Now think about what makes them special. […]

Por Mario Solera | 06/06/2018

Back to Futura

I recently was lucky enough to have an afternoon off and I took advantage of […]

Por Joan Collado | 06/06/2018

Show me the purpose!

Today not many doubt that what makes a brand truly special isn’t what it offers […]

Por Joan Collado | 06/06/2018

Brand tensions: how to deeply connect with people?

Brands that manage to grow and evolve are the ones that find their special niche […]