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White Paper: Brand manual for SMEs and Startups who want to fly high
Citius, Altius, Fortius, three Latin words that mean “faster, higher, stronger”
The meaning of this motto is clear and directly attuned to competitive or sporting natures. It says “be the strongest and accept no limits. You can break the records if you want to”. It encourages athletes to do their best because they are three short, inspirational words that contain a great truth: be strong and you will succeed. As the Olympic motto, it has prevailed for over a century without being bettered. That’s a good sign. At the Mood Project we consider it a perfect motivational phrase to spur SMEs and Startups with a winning spirit to create a strong brand that can act as a tangible, successful and enduring asset. Be stronger to go out and win. We help you to prepare your brand to be faster, higher and stronger, to go for the gold medal. This is our goal. Fancy playing? If you would like to have a copy of this ‘white paper’, send us a mail to hola@themoodproject.com with your contact details and we will send it to the address you give us.