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Encouraging young people to grow and decide their future
Carnet Jove is a scheme run by the Regional Catalan Government, the Generalitat, to support young people by offering them discounts and ideas. It was decided to take it a step further and extend the age limits, to engage young people in creating the service and promote daily use. This new approach called for the addition of more meanings to the brand, to establish its own symbolic universe, create a system to make use of all its content, define its tone and develop a strategy so that the brand would reach all young people.
New meanings for a brand that is on the side of the young

A new Carnet Jove that responds to the drives and needs of young people and incorporates new meanings that make it a travelling companion with the capacity to help them make their own decisions.

Reflecting development through images

Specific visual worlds for each age range that take into account the areas where the brand was active and the main drivers for each group in order to segment, order and reinforce its meanings through the images shown.

A flexible yet solid visual system

One way of standardizing the content and making it recognizable derived from the visual identity of Carnet Jove and was inspired by the founding brand of all European cards: the EYCA. A versatile system that works for all the formats where the brand is present.


Ejemplo de campaña corporativa

Colour is the protagonist in the campaign formats to ensure maximum recognition.

An inspirational, relaxed and friendly tone

A brand with empathy that listens to what young people say and which empowers and encourages them by giving them the means to explore and decide what they want to be.

A route map that links up content, channels and actions

The communication strategy has a clear goal: the brand has to attract the attention of the young. We look closely at each channel in the communications ecosystem and align them with the messages to be broadcasted and the actions to take, which are finally defined in a implications plan.

Muestra de diseño

The essence of Carnet Jove is contained in its brand story.