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From the kitchen revolution to the revolution in people’s lives

Lékué is a global kitchenware brand that stands out for design, innovation and practicality. It uses different approaches to develop proposals for making our kitchens easier and more surprising.

The goal of the new phase of Lékué was to connect with a wider segment of the population from an attitudinal perspective to stimulate the growth of its business. New positioning to reinforce the brand and make it stand out in a market where many similar products have been launched.

We used a brand strategy project, with audience segmentation and a launch and activation campaign to create a new value proposition for Lékué that expressed its lifestyle and way of seeing the world.

The new brand strategy: the joy of curiosity and creativity

Traditional cooking just does not sit well with today’s lifestyles. This is why Lékué stimulates curiosity, boosts creative talent and leads us to believe that the future will be better, with more colour and optimism.

Lékué teaches us that the future belongs to the curious and invites us to join in to make eating creative, healthy and fun. Lékué is suggesting something new: to discover this creative, healthy and fun cooking together.

Because we all have our “genius side” that we need to activate every day.

“Open Life Learners”, a segment with more appetite “every day”

Lékué uses these new ideas to connect with open-minded people. It invites them to form part of a trans-cultural community of creators, living and sharing these new eating habits.

“Open Life Learners” are original and imaginative people who share a common vision but whose attitudes and needs vary depending on the moment and where they happen to be.

Activation and launch in all dimensions

Our implementation strategy helped Lékué to classify its many products and services according to brand “needstates”, to enable its creative vision to reach everyone.

We also carried out a communication strategy and defined its tone so that we could run later campaigns under the banner of “Put a double accent in your life” to express the new value proposition.

The first creative action of this campaign was the launch of a spot in online media that showed the new segmentation and life-style attitude based on the concept of “Everyday Genius”.