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The comfort of made-to-measure cycling shorts

Onyar was set up after a process of internal discussion in a leading specialist company in the design, production and sale of textiles and cycling accessories.

This process set itself the challenge of creating a new brand specialized on a single product, culottes, or cycling shorts. This brand would be capable of applying expertise and personal design to a product that is a crucial part of the experience and performance of cyclists.

We worked alongside the customer on the brand strategy, defining the name and identity of the product, and finally establishing the guidelines for packaging and the website.

“Feel everything else”

Following a focus group with heavy users, we noted an important insight “I don’t want to be constantly aware that I am wearing shorts”. This led to an idea based on avoiding the uncomfortable sensation caused by low-quality, ill-fitting shorts that do not adapt to the anatomy of the cyclist, hampering performance and, above all, enjoyment.

As a result, we worked on the idea of comfort offered by high-compression shorts with very flexible fibres and in sizes adapted to different physical constitutions that resulted in products that were 100% adjusted to each cyclist. The concept was summed up in the promise “Feel everything else”.

Naming and identity: the link between cyclist and environment

Once the brand strategy was developed, we worked on naming the product: ONYAR. A distinctive, memorable and enduring name inspired by the river that runs through Girona, where the product was made. A visual metaphor that is easy to write and to say in any language, expressing the cyclist’s desire to explore new landscapes and blend into the surroundings.

After the naming, the identity derived from the brand idea of “comfort”, using turquoise as the basis for innovation and expressing the concept through the use of rounded forms. The final form emerges from the perfect adaptation of the cyclist and shorts, like the onward flow of a river.

A visual system based on the flow of the Onyar

We took advantage of the diagonal present in the logo as a resource to add movement to the different graphic representations of Onyar, in some cases separating the photo from the text.

Besides its usefulness, this device makes all items recognisable, helping the brand to be more visible and make better contact.

Packaging that is as fitting as the shorts

If we wanted to transmit the sensation of comfort and “feeling everything”, the packaging should do the same. Careful design meant that the garment was perfectly adjusted to the package, creating the ONYAR logo.

The website, the portal to a new type of cycling

The Onyar website was conceived as a window onto the values and character of the brand, besides showing the range of shorts as highly innovative, technological products with a professional spirit.

Each section is introduced by the image of one or more cyclists in motion, which makes the website appear more dynamic.