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Elevation of the brand to Premium status

Schweppes is a brand that has been present in the Spanish market for over 50 years. Its iconic original tonic has been familiar to several generations, seeing new patterns of consumption throughout this period.

Despite this consolidation in the market in recent years, Schweppes have taken steps to move towards Premium positioning as a way of connecting directly with its audience. With its range of Premium Mixers, Schweppes changed to an aspirational discourse as the tonic for more refined palates.

As part of this strategy, the brand needed to address consumers, but also its clients and bartenders.

Generation of new preferences at the moment of consumption
A careful new strategy in the HORECA channel, accompanied by distinct and more elegant designs for Schweppes Original tonic, sent a message of Premium positioning in comparison with the competition while we generated preference in “gin tonic moments”.
New designs to raise the brand’s status

Your character is expressed in how you present yourself and how you approach others; with Schweppes we have advanced little by little, shaping an emotional discourse and reasons to believe, supported by a change of image that reduces the amount of yellow (leaving it in place for supermarket products) and increasing the use of black and gold. An identity that enhances the brand and strengthens its Premium status.

Schweppes is a brand that has learned to reinvent and position itself in the Premium sector by using a clear, coherent route map with associated actions.