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Endowing points of sale with content

Technology moves forward, and Vodafone does too. In few years, its telecommunication services have ensured that people are more connected than ever before. The Internet era has given way to the Digital era, and Vodafone wants to bring this technology to everyone, to make complex things simpler and ensure that its clients not only enjoy what the future is bringing us, but enjoy what is available now to make our lives easier.

We have accompanied them on this quest for the last 15 years, offering services for Go to Market and Retail. Our proposals adapt to the needs of Vodafone at all times to provide its points of sales with sports, POS content for touch screens, tools to generate product labels and the magazine for personal clients, among others supports.

Using screens for information

We create spots based on the visual and verbal identity of the brand to offer information of interest on Vodafone services in a dynamic, intimate way through different types of screens. This work includes the creation of spot grids, deciding which content is most appropriate for each place and the level of rotation applied to each.

Different formats to reach different people

We create different cards, leaflets, press inserts and other creative items to inform about the offers, rates, promotions and other messages that Vodafone wants its customers to receive through different channels.

A magazine to bring all the offers together

Every month there is a catalogue in different languages to show all Vodafone’s offers for individual customers. It is a form of direct communication that is the foundation for the other items launched by the marketing team.

All the information you need in one label

We design the labels that accompany the different terminals, devices and accessories in the store so that they can respond to any possible doubts in a clear and structured way. We have also developed an ad hoc management tool to ensure they are correctly used in the point of sale.

An “unexpectedly funny” brand experience

In order to improve the mood of visitors to the store and keep them entertained while they queue, we created an interactive experience for the 5-metre screen installed in the Barcelona flagship store. A surprising and fun experience in which you can create avatars and play while exploring curiosities about Barcelona and seeing all the offers of Vodafone in a totally different way. With the reassurance of knowing that you will be called when it is your turn.