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Typographies help us transmit a brand’s essence.

Branding knowledge capsules

Chapter 6

Typographies are the written voice of brands. Through their composition and technical characteristics, they can set the tone for the messages that result from the verbal identity and transmit a brand’s essence and mood.

Rounded typefaces can exude friendliness, clean strokes can convey agility and technology, italics can add dynamism, and manual strokes can bring a sense of humanity. Additionally, certain cultural or artistic movements (such as Renaissance or Modernism, respectively) or associations with different categories (such as the literary or industrial world) can also help determine the suitable typeface.

Below are two examples of typographies created for La Destilateca and L’Artisan Givré.

Example 1: La Destilateca

La Destilateca is a custom gastronomic micro-distillery that extracts the essence of ingredients in small, limited batches. For this project, we drew inspiration from the world of movable type printing and typography to convey the artisanal, trial-and-error nature of the work process of Carles Bonnin, founder and master distiller. Introducing intentional errors, such as paragraph rotation, word misalignment, or substituting letters for numbers, helped us complete and achieve this sensation.


Example 2: L’Artisan Givré

L’Artisan Givré blends its love for the purity and freshness of ingredients with the care and savoir-faire of artisanal manufacturing. They produce ice creams with textures, colours and genuine flavours in their workshop in the French Pyrenees. To convey their way of working, we created a series of lyrical micro-stories that revolved around the relationship between the artisan and the ingredients. These stories wouldn’t be the same without a typographic voice that helped add a romantic touch to their content. Therefore, we chose an italic typeface with an ornate character, inspired by other century-old typefaces such as Garamond or Janson, to give the micro-stories a classic and elegant feel.


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