How to create the right mood in an international company (13 countries involved) through Employee branding

Attracting and retaining talent as the key to success

Atento is a CRM / BPO services and solutions provider that has successfully become a benchmark in 13 countries due to the commitment and passion of its more than 150,000 employees as well as being recognised as one of the 25 best companies to work for in Latin America.

At a moment of great transformation of the sector towards an omni-channel and a technology-assisted service, the importance of people delivering their value proposition became more relevant than ever.

In this context, Atento raised the need to identify the common attributes that make it unique, in order to synthesise them in a differential and inspiring employee branding proposal that strengthen its ability to attract and retain talent.

Echoing with the “Journey Makers”.

After exhaustive analyses of the competitive and employee environment at Atento — both globally and locally — we were able to clearly see the cross-cutting elements on which to base the concept of employee branding.

One of the greatest challenges was to define an inclusive attitude so that each and every person from all the different countries, with their distinct motivational and personal interests, could feel emotionally connected. The “Journey Makers”.

Opportunities, human value and empowerment

After several workshops, we delved deeper into the intersecting meanings on which to base Atento’s position as an employer brand.

The potential to create an emotional connection with people and, ultimately, build a brand perception that added value and helped the business grow relies on three major pillars.


“In Atento you’ll find more than what you’re looking for”

Following the strategic development, the essence of employee branding was synthesised in a new, attractive and consistent umbrella concept.

Next we worked with each country to bring the value proposition closer to the different local realities which went from covering the most basic needs to the most aspirational ones, individually, collectively and socially.

A global employer brand with local impact

The last step was defining a communication strategy capable of impregnating the concept in the mind and heart of employees throughout their time within the company.

To achieve this, we structured an employee journey to detect a person’s life phases at Atento, as well as the most relevant contact points. Upon these, an action plan and measures were established according to the country and the employee’s profile.

Performed services

& Strategy definition

  • Consumer understanding
  • Brand meanings
  • Implementation plan
  • Internal culture & engagement
  • Customer journey planning
  • Communication strategy

Creative development

  • Brand idea
  • Visual identity
  • Verbal identity & messaging
  • Copywriting & storytelling