Café Saula


A coffee that has the utmost respect.

The iconic coffee that wants to bring its unique formula to your home.

Café Saula is all about history. Created in 1950 by Lluís Saula and Maria Teresa Puig, and now run by their sons Lluís and Joan Saula, the brand has been impregnating streets, bars and restaurants with unforgettable aromas and flavours for over half a century.

In this 21st century, and with an established reputation in hospitality, Saula wanted to increase its presence in the B2C market. This desire required finding the brand’s most emotional aspects in order to define its own competitive territory and thus connect with a new public and its specific needs.

A signature coffee. A coffee that has the utmost respect.

Using their own method, which consists of seven distinct steps, Lluís and Joan select, brew and roast different coffees, and through all their expertise into the blend. A timeless organoleptic quality that they wish to share with all those who decide to join this unique sensorial journey.

This singular and personal way of understanding coffee and its rituals, built up over the course of a lifetime, places respect at the heart of everything they do. Respect for the family tradition, for their unique method, for their creations and for a job well done; in a nutshell, for the culture of coffee.

Recipes based on inspiration and wisdom

For artisans, creations are an extension of their being. They are the materialisation of their ideas. Therefore, we had to be able to give them the importance they deserved. How? By creating specific stories for each of them.

During their trip to Asia, what role did the monsoons play in the development of the Dark India recipe?
What moments are captured in the Original recipe? What concerns inspired the Ecological recipe? The answers to these questions guided and accompanied us during the creative process.

For those who seek a whirlwind of sensations in their coffee

This signature proposal, which promotes the culture surrounding coffee, connects directly with a type of consumer who sees coffee as something more than just a stimulating drink. Because COFFE is synonymous with rituals, memories and moments.

A type of consumer who is willing to try new varieties, who thinks that coffee is not only drunk, it is tasted. And thus, in order to be evocative, it must be able to maintain the same qualities, regardless of the passing of time.

Words that taste good. Verbs that smell of wisdom

In order to address this audience, while projecting the brand’s personality, we developed our own lingo focused on what unites both parties: a passion for coffee..

This way of speaking generates gastronomic connections with our senses and makes us travel in the same way that Café Saula does with its coffees.

In addition, this tone of voice allows us to transmit wisdom without losing freshness and didactics, and adds value to the coffee culture.

Images that speak of origins, homage and aromatic notes.

To implement the new brand idea, “Coffee that has the utmost respect”, we had to rely on a new photographic style that would allow us to highlight all that this idea conceals.
The Saula brothers (involved in every part of the process) the coffee and its nuances, the timeless evocative scenarios, people going about their routines in a pluralistic way…

We showcase this content in a clean and orderly manner, while playing with the light, the shadows and the serene attitudes to reflect the respect that the brand conveys.

Top quality coffee for everybody

One of the most important selling points to consolidate the brand’s position in the B2C market was its website.

Therefore, we wrote all the content and did the art direction, mixing functionality (to respond to the commercial needs) and emotion (to generate lasting connections between the brand and the visitor).

From definition to communication

Defining the brand, planning its path, knowing how to communicate with those who have the utmost respect and passion for coffee… We did all that, but it would be nothing if we didn’t activate it.

That’s why, once the identity was defined, we designed an ad hoc communication plan. Based on it, we generated formats, templates and specific content to help us communicate everything that had been planned in previous stages.

Performed services

Market Research

  • Brand audit
  • Consumer insights
  • Category analysis and competitor mapping

Brand Strategy

  • Vision, purpose, mission & values
  • Brand positioning and meanings

Brand Experience

  • User experience
  • Innovation strategy
  • Communication strategy

Brand Identity

  • Verbal identity
  • Visual identity

Brand Activation

  • Communication campaign
  • Web, UX and UI
  • Copywriting