Distilling a new way of understanding gastronomy

La Destilateca is a boutique gastronomic microdistillery that extracts the soul of its ingredients in small, limited productions.

The new brand, which we designed for its launch alongside Carles Bonnin, creator and master distiller, reflects his bold, passionate, and straightforward personality and is summarized by the idea "Distilled with spirit." A work philosophy that venerates the product, the need to narrate a story through its ingredients and, with its resulting creations, has the boldness to trigger sensations, emotions and memories.

Fonts inspired by the world of printing and typewriting

The world of movable type printing and the typewriting universe inspired us to convey the artisanal nature of Carles Bonnin’s work process. The inclusion of intentional errors such as paragraph rotation, word misalignment, or the substitution of letters with numbers helped us complete the circle and generate this sensation.

Packaging that takes us back to the industrial style of the mid-20th century

The bottle brings to mind the old apothecaries while the label conveys the industrial style of the artisan distilleries of the mid-20th century. This was achieved by using lines, writing patterns and boxes. To present the bottle’s uniqueness and highlight that they are limited editions, some sections of the label were spared so that Carles Bonnin could fill them in personally.

Reflecting boldness through photography

In line with the colors chosen to convey the brand's strong character (in which black plays a prominent role), we defined a photographic style with high contrast that highlights shadows and dark tones. To bring it to life, we conducted a photoshoot with photographer Israel Fernández, who helped us capture the defined personality in each image.

Connecting creations to gastronomy lovers through E-commerce

We designed a website that works like a diary. A web that gathers all the stories and collaborations that take place in La Destilateca between Carles Bonnin and other gastronomers and professionals. It also works as an e-commerce platform bringing limited editions of distillates, spirits and hydrolates closer to the public.

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