Generating a future without hangovers so that every day is a good day

Generating a future without hangovers so that every day is a good day

Luzzid products are natural food supplements, created and powered by a medical-science team, that act against the harmful effects of alcohol, helping you recover your mental and physical faculties quicker.

These innovative products needed the brand to faithfully convey their intention to help people enjoy the positive side of alcohol without having to deal with the burden of the next day’s hangover. Because with Luzzid there are no lost days, only good days.

A logo that lifts your spirit so you can go all out extra mile

A logo inspired by credibility and freshness. On the one hand, it joins the firmness of the uppercases with the softness of the lowercased “u”. On the other, it combines the blue’s sobriety and the casualness of green.

In addition, the equals sign helps us convey the idea that, thanks to Luzzid, you can enjoy today and tomorrow just as much.

Transmitting science and closeness through fonts and resources

Through the chosen fonts, we were able to applaud the scientific efforts that exists behind the formula without losing the upbeat and optimistic air that the brand has.

This was also translated in the way we used resources such as superscripts, graphs, tables, icons and illustrations.

A packaging to dress a unique formula

When designing the packaging for Luzzid Recovery, we brought together all the visual and verbal elements defined so far and added orange to the equation since it’s the colour found in the capsule’s powder.

This colour helps us differentiate this product from the other food supplements that the brand will be incorporating to their range of products: Luzzid Hydrate emphasises more on recovering the levels of hydration and Luzzid Focus on concentration.


Optimism and light brings life to the photographic style

Luzzid makes you shine. That is precisely what we wanted to convey through the photographic style which focuses on light, cleanliness and harmony. A sea of ​​naturalness and happiness to highlight the components and benefits of the product. In this case, our regular collaborating photographer, Israel Fernández, brought the project to life.


A web that constitutes the main selling point for anti-hangover products

When planing the structure, content and web design, our goal was to be capable of finding the perfect balance between two main aspects. One was reflecting the scientific side of the brand using words that everyone would understand. The other was stressing the commercial side that is required for this specific type of e-commerce.

Didactic and attractive communication for a new product group.

Luzzid, is opening a new group of products to the European market and the public deserves to know it.

Initially, we focus on social media to activate the brand and transmit all the product’s virtues. By using a clear type of publications and different formats based on the product, its active ingredients, the effects of alcohol, the dosage, the time of consumption, the people,… we were able to approach the desired audiences and interact with them. We exemplified all the positive effects of Luzzid by being faithful to the brand’s “Good morning” concept while maintaining its educational aspect.

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