A new way of collaborating.
A new way of uniting.

A new way of collaborating with Oxfam Intermon

Unebox is a new Oxfam Intermon initiative that redefines the world of charitable donations. How? In addition to offering the possibility of making recurring contributions, the result is then delivered to your home.

To be more precise, through your subscription, you’ll receive a charity box every quarter that supports a different cause each time. Thus, for example, in its first edition, the donation was used to support gender equality, and the selection of products delivered were all made by women. Because together, and if we are united, we can create a better world.

Connecting with those who consume responsibly

We wanted to develop an innovative proposal that combined two hitherto unconnected elements (donations and purchases) in order to reach out to a specific public. We aspired to connect with those who are aware, conscious, informed and accustomed to consuming responsible products.

And, in order to succeed, we had to explain this proposal as clearly as possible; because simplicity allows us to raise awareness and connect with those who want to be a part of the solution, with the optimistic people who believe that together we can improve the world we inhabit.

Finding a name that unites and makes us all participants

This initiative unites small family producers with responsible consumers. It unites their desire to collaborate with causes that are indeed in need of attention. It uses donations to tackle specific projects that work towards ending poverty and fomenting equality.

We knew the name had to be the combination of two words. And what could be better than to combine the two terms that sum up this new initiative. Unite and Box gave birth to Unebox.

Using a positive identity to show that together we can make a difference

The logo derives from the naming, and its ‘brushed’ style gives it both a more human and expressive feel. Thus, we convey that the project is a firm declaration of intentions shared by all those who want to join forces and cooperate. This statement is amplified by the use of lively, vital and vibrant colours, which help generate an optimistic message.

The result of everyone’s work is a box filled with just causes

To turn initiative into a reality, one of the main goals was transforming the packaging into an essential part of the Unebox experience.

Therefore, on the one hand, we gave Unebox its own voice so it could speak to the public in the first person and share the message with them in a transparent, direct, and clear way.

And on the other hand, we created a series of materials that explain in an educational manner all the products’ details and intricacies as well as the charitable causes that have been supported during the last quarter thanks to everyone’s collaboration.

Designing a flexible visual system that strengthens the message of solidarity

To connect with our audience through different channels and means, we defined a system that allowed us to rearrange all the branding elements in a distinguishable and flexible way that could easily be adapted to different formats.

Once this was achieved, we unleashed everything that Unebox stands for to connect emotionally with the public.

The website explains all the details surrounding this beautiful initiative.

We designed a website that brings together in an orderly fashion all the general information concerning the current proposal, which is updated every quarter according to the following targeted issue and in order to highlight its value.

The landing page also allows users to easily subscribe to the initiative by following just a few steps.

Performed services

Brand Strategy

  • Brand positioning and meanings

Brand Identity

  • Naming
  • Verbal identity
  • Visual identity
  • Digital identity
  • Packaging

Brand Activation

  • Communication campaign
  • Web, UX and UI
  • Copywriting