Engagement plan

engagement plan
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It becomes crucial to develop a plan that encompasses all the necessary engagements to activate the defined brand strategy.

Branding knowledge capsules

Chapter 8

As we mentioned at the outset of this series of knowledge pills and have continued to explore as we have moved forward, a genuine brand must fulfil its brand promise consistently. In other words, it must be able to translate its beliefs and significance into tangible actions. This is where the engagement plan comes in.

To that end, after defining the brand strategy, it becomes crucial to develop a plan that encompasses all the necessary engagements to activate it systematically across three different dimensions: product and service, identity, and communication. In short, these dimensions enable the brand to create the brand experience for the different audiences, both internal and external.

Here are some questions that this engagement plan needs to address in each of its components to transform your brand into a genuine brand and, as a result, into a crucial strategic element in driving the growth of your business.

Product and Service

  • Does your product and service offering reflect your brand’s proposition?
  • Which new product and service categories align with your brand?
  • What innovation criteria should guide your response to the brand strategy?
  • What new departments should your company establish to guarantee what you have defined?
  • Which sales channels hold potential for boosting your brand’s significance?
  • What sales models can help you better reach your target audience?
  • What type of physical sales point distribution aligns with your brand’s strategy?


  • Does your packaging align with the desired brand positioning?
  • Is the creation of audio-visual materials necessary to support the new significance defined in your strategy?
  • Should you develop an iconographic or infographic system to convey your value proposition?
  • Would a system integrating all visual identity elements enhance how you convey them?
  • Does your brand require you to develop key messages derived from your verbal identity to communicate different parts of your product and service?
  • What type of specific sound or olfactory identity would best suit your brand?
  • Which interior design materials or ideas can better communicate your brand’s significance?


  • Does the structure and content of your website accurately represent who you are?
  • What type of content should you create to build the defined brand strategy?
  • Which roles should be assign to each communication channel to convey your essence and leverage the unique characteristics of each one?
  • How can you facilitate conversation and encourage engagement by people on social media platforms?
  • What characteristics should ambassadors or influencers possess to collaborate with your brand and reinforce the direction defined in the strategy?
  • What types of promotions or special actions, such as pop-up stores, are most suited to your brand?
  • If you are a founder who is involved in day-to-day business operations, would developing your personal brand be worthwhile in generating positive synergies

If you have just arrived at this series of pills and are not quite sure what we are talking about, don’t worry. Here are links to each of them providing a comprehensive overview of the entire process:

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  7. Photographic universe.

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Engagement plan

It becomes crucial to develop a plan that encompasses all the necessary engagements to activate the defined brand strategy.

engagement plan

Photographic Universe

Through the photographic universe, the brand reflect its essence and connect with its public.

universo fotográfico