Genuine Brands

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Only the brands that are genuine thrive as a business.

Branding knowledge capsules

Chapter 1

Genuine brands can adapt without changing. It knows how to move forward without drifting away and is able to renew itself without forgetting who it is. At The Mood Project, we believe that only genuine brands, those that are true to themselves, are the ones that thrive as a business.

That is why, throughout this series of knowledge capsules, we will explain, through real cases, how to use different elements to help organisations become genuine.

Becoming a genuine brand requires passion, effort, and rigour. It demands a meticulous work process that assembles the pieces in a coherent way to generate a perception aligned with the brand’s true essence, its right mood.

Two summarised examples, Luzzid and Café Saula, illustrate how genuine brands must connect their raison d’être (vision and purpose) with their day-to-day actions. Tov achieve this, their brand idea, which summarises their story in a synthetic and inspiring way, must be fully aligned with their discourse, linking their beliefs with their actions.

Genuine brands
Genuine brands

After all, being a genuine brand is all about saying and acting accordingly.

Do you want to build a genuine brand? We are here to help you.

The latest

Engagement plan

It becomes crucial to develop a plan that encompasses all the necessary engagements to activate the defined brand strategy.

engagement plan

Photographic Universe

Through the photographic universe, the brand reflect its essence and connect with its public.

universo fotográfico