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It is not just a hotel, it’s...

The hotel Crowne Plaza Barcelona offers comfort based on the best facilities, services and technology at the disposition of all types of clients: business travellers, tourists, congresses / events and weddings.

To bring the brand closer to its different audiences, Crowne Plaza Barcelona faced the challenge of coming up with a route map that emphasised its differential attributes while generating a committed community.

We worked with them on a digital strategy and overall creative concept that we could define at a later stage with branded content and dynamization actions for different audiences. All the communication channels were aligned, and branding was developed for some of the services.

Adapting the brand to each audience

Crowne Plaza Barcelona has several target audiences and each of them comes here for a different reason. As a result, they look for and demand personalized services and products that are adapted to their needs.

The hotel offers them the best quality, the best facilities and services so that each guest enjoys their stay, regardless of the reason that brings them here.

This broad-based view needed to focus more on the experience of each of these target audiences. Defining the customer journey for each of these will help us see which content, channels and actions need to be made at each point of contact to deliver the value proposition consistently.

An attitudinal creative line

When we understand each audience and define where, when and how we should appear in each case, the next step is to define the message.

We considered an umbrella concept that would communicate with emotion and attitude the many attributes and benefits of the hotel, positioning it as an experience rather than just a hotel.

This concept enabled us to create monthly campaigns aimed at different audiences, services and moments.

Lifestyle inspiration through the website

The concept of “It is not just a hotel, it’s …” worked as a platform to create a website that offered each of Crowne Plaza Barcelona’s audiences relevant information about the hotel and about the city.

Information that is always relevant

To attract traffic to the new website and position Crowne Plaza Barcelona to raise its profile, reputation and mentions, we set up a long-term strategy.

This strategy is based on proprietary content creation to promote the brand in the different audiences through its own channels (website, social media and blogs).

This content was supplemented with a specific plan of actions to improve its organic positioning in the Google search engine.

A new experience 173 metres above sea level

The defined name, 173 Rooftop Terrace, references the 173 metres above sea level registered in the part of Montjuïc where the hotel and its terrace stand.

We used a simplified form of the contour lines as the visual key to the logo and took the architectural reading of the height to endow the spirit of the Crowne Palace Barcelona hotel with Premium status.