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Bringing classic Spanish dishes up to date

El Dicharachero is a brand for high-quality Spanish food products with character, aimed at demanding foodies, those that have no qualms about having the very best and enjoying their food to the fullest.

The project was based on the idea of modernizing classic Spanish dishes, changing the way we see them and of promoting Spanish products, finding new ways for them to be used. This led us to define a new type of product, a new service and business model, as well as a brand, its (verbal and visual) identity and packaging.

From the value proposition to the business model

To make a value proposition on which to base our new business model, we analysed the user and focused on different categories, identifying a growth segment where Spanish products could thrive; that of relaxed quality.

We took this value proposition as our starting point to launch a first product; olive oil. A product where tradition and deep roots are still valued today.

Spanish character for a creative brand

A young, cool product has to be accompanied by a brand with a sense of humour, one that is both spontaneous and social, reflecting our attitude to life. This is why we called it “El Dicharachero” [Chatterbox].

In its familiarity, El Dicharachero has a simple, unpretentious approach to quality. It invites you to try new things, in a very Spanish way, to play around and talk about your impressions afterwards.

Designing a relationship

The El Dicharachero brand experience aims to create a new habit in the user: buying olive oil online. This made it necessary to work with insights to establish a quality relationship before, during and after the purchase.

A subscription model was proposed as a way of staying in contact with users, offering inspirational content, educational events to share and an agenda with plans and exclusive discounts.

More than an identity, a community

The visual identity of the brand sought to express the deeper, more spontaneous identity that we all have and which we wanted to bring out in our food and at the table.

We used a very visual language to create a system of avatars that expressed the plural nature of Dicharacheros, with different aspects and characters, but the same spirit.

Packaging with its own character

Los Dicharacheros were the base for building up multiple graphic, chromatic and iconographic resources. They enabled us to endow the “basic” variety of the range with its own character, as well as the other flavoured varieties offered as special editions. The different bottles have graphic illustrations and text to stand out in the kitchen and on the table.